Our Story

Educating and empowering you to achieve your financial goals.

For too long, we watched financial firms with a high-cost, low-performance business models underserve their clients. After years spent in the corporate financial industry, seeing problems firsthand, we decided it was time to provide our own creative, effective solutions.

So in 2015, we started Blackmore to turn the financial industry on its head. We believe access to solid investment advice and money tools should be for everyone, not just high-earners or the very wealthy.

As a fiduciary, we will always protect your money, working for the best interests of you, your family, your beneficiaries, and stakeholders. We work from a fee-only model —  because there’s nothing more rewarding to us than seeing you achieve your goals.


Brock Schimbeno, MBA | Financial Advisor | Series 3, 7, 30, 66

“Financial advising has a history of being complicated, expensive, and only for the very wealthy. We’re turning that old model on its head — because solid investment advice and money management tools should be for all of us. Especially for you.”

Brock Schimbeno brings strategy, creativity, and trust to the forefront of all his work. His money management expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of finance, and he is driven by the “why” — being an integrity-minded fiduciary for those in need.

With over a decade of industry experience and six years of financial higher education, Brock brings a real wealth of knowledge and insight to each portfolio and every client consultation. He believes good financial advice and resources should be available for everyone. He combines his expertise with a new-school money management philosophy that is approachable and effective for clients in every stage of their financial journey.

Brock is the CEO and Founder of Blackmore Financial Solutions, and also serves on the board of the Montana State Parks Foundation.

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Jen Schimbeno | Financial Advisor | Series 65


“We are passionate at Blackmore Financial Solutions about educating others in order to make good decisions when it comes to money. We realize that oftentimes money is complicated for a multitude of reasons. We want to do what we can to take the complication out of the equation so that people feel more empowered to move forward and take action.”

Jen rarely meets a stranger.  She believes that there is always something to be learned from others if you are willing to listen. The art of listening and connecting with others has been the foundation of Jen’s decade-plus career as a financial advisor. After working for big corporations and financial institutions, and seeing firsthand the problems inherent in the system, she was excited to join her husband Brock at Blackmore Financial Solutions. At Blackmore, they both work to make a real difference in the ways people understand, plan for, and experience money management. She wants everyone to feel financially empowered and works to bring that dream to life, one relationship at a time.

Jen is Vice President of Client Relations at Blackmore Financial Solutions and also volunteers her time as a board member of the Bozeman Area Community Foundation.

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 Our Philosophy


We understand money can be complicated.

Blackmore works to simplify the money equation, giving you the knowledge you need to take positive action in your financial life. By matching your goals with smart strategies, we help you find a safe and productive path forward. We care about you as an individual, and focus on your needs through our working relationship.

We understand money can be complicated.
When individuals take charge of their finances, it has a positive ripple effect for families and communities.

When individuals take charge of their finances, it has a positive ripple effect for families and communities.

From the beginning, the Blackmore mission has been to make good information accessible, so everyone succeeds. Trustworthy financial advice is important. Our clients’ money confidence and financial empowerment are what matter most.